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Grateful Dead 'Ship of Fools' blue tie-dye t-shirt (Large)

$ 26.95
This stunning tie-dye t-shirt is silk screened with the artwork from 'Ship of Fools, a song from 'Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel,' their the seventh studio album, regarded as one of the group's best mid-1970s studio releases. The front design features a clipper ship flying a 'Steal Your Face' flag, with ships in the background and fish jumping out of the water holding roses in their mouths. The band's name is printed across the top in purple and yellow. The reverse design features the ship from the back, sailing towards a city skyline, with the dancing bears and 'Ship Of Fools' printed across the top. The tie dye colors on this shirt are exceptional, with lavender purple at the top blending into an ocean blue, then fading to a jade green at the hem, all done in a crinkle design. Long-lasting shirt with 2 needle stitching, and taped shoulders for strength and comfort. These high quality garments hold up under repeated wearings, and are a better fit . They use a permanent, color-fast dye system, so dye particles become part of the fiber...your shirt will maintain its brilliant hues after repeated washings. An awesome tribute to this legendary jam band, and a must-have for any fan.

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