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Sand Blocker All Natural Sand Repellent Scented

Sand Blocker All Natural Sand Repellent Scented

$ 6.95

Do you love the beach, but hate the sand? Sand on your feet, in your shoes, your car, house or hotel room ... FINALLY, There's a solution! All natural body powder easily brushes away all traces of sand and sea, leaving your body silky smooth and keeps you cool and dry. With a fresh coconut fragrance and a beautiful tan color which easily blends with your skin tone, Sand Blocker works like magic! Simply apply some Sand Blocker to your hands, rub together, and watch in amazement as the sand falls right off! Safe for every member of your family. Unlike baby powder, which is typically made from corn starch and leaves a residue that dries out your skin and leaves you feeling dry and uncomfortable, Sand Blocker contains NO TALC. This is especially important because talc has been proven to be dangerous for infants' respiratory systems and can cause suffocation if inhaled. It's so safe you can use it on a baby's hands before they eat, then let them eat with their hands. A real time-saver at the beach - no sticky fingers, or sand in sandwiches - be ready for snack time anytime. Say goodbye to skin irritation and discomfort and say hello to Sand Blocker. A life-changing product for the mother of an autistic child, whose son could not tolerate the sand, leaving her unable to enjoy the beach for years. Using Sand Blocker, she and her son were able to spend the day together at the shore "sand free". This gave her back the beach, and the opportunity to share the experience with her son, something many families take for granted. So, whether you're surfing, swimming or just building sand castles...SAND BLOCKER does for you what NO OTHER PRODUCT CAN ... LETS YOU LEAVE THE SAND AT THE BEACH.

  • Take The Sand Off Your Body At The Beach, And Keep It Off!
  • All natural body powder easily brushes away all traces of sand
  • Made from a proprietary blend of all natural non-toxic food products
  • This is the Scented version