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Christmas Story 'You'll Shoot Your Eye Out' Girls Glitter T-Shirt, Beige (Medium)

$ 18.95
This beige 2-sided lightweight tee for junior girls features the classic line, 'You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!' from the movie 'A Christmas Story', printed in gold glitter. The Christmas morning scene is captured in a blue-tinted photo still frame of Ralphie still in his checkered pajamas peering through his destroyed eyeglasses, hoping the cracked lens might not be noticeable. His round-faced expression captures the realization that his worst nightmare came true - he almost shot his eye out with a stray BB Gun pellet. The warning that has haunted him throughout the movie is driven home with a bb pellet skipping across the front of the shirt, and a Red Ryder bb gun in the foreground. Very cool design with bb-pellet brass-colored glittering star design on the lower left, and 'RALPHIE' spelled out in retro zig-zag green lettering. The turquoise, green and tan backgrounds and vintage-style dashed-line frame captures the 1940's feel of the movie; perfect on the buttercream beige shirt. On the upper back, the movie logo 'A Christmas Story' is silkscreened in red, with a green wreath in place of the 'O'.

The 1984 movie 'A Christmas Story' has become a beloved classic; the wearer of this shirt will be greeted with joyous smiles and familiar movie lines including 'I Double Dog Dare You', 'Fra-gee-lay, It Must Be Italian' and 'Its a Major Award!!'. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves this timeless movie...who doesn't? A must-have for Ralphie fans.

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