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Bubble Nightlight Novelty Christmas Bubbling Night Light

$ 23.95

Enjoy the festive magic of our bubbling nightlight. This delightful old-fashioned night light spreads a cheerful red and green Christmas glow from the lighted base. The candle-shaped glass stem is filled with amber liquid, creating a bubbling effect as it's warmed by the light bulb. Swivel base allows nightlight to be plugged into horizontal or vertical outlet with the stem upright. NOTE: Bubble Light must warm up for several minutes before bubbling action will occur. Liquid in glass tube contains methylene chloride - avoid skin contact with liquid if glass breaks; contact poison control if swallowed.

For adult use only - not intended as a toy - not to be used by children. Risk of electric shock. Always plug Bubble Light in upright position. These nostalgic lights were a popular Christmas Tree decoration in the 1940s and 1950s. This red and green bubble night light will bring back fond memories of your childhood. As seen in movies like Jingle All The Way. A unique novelty that will brighten any holiday decor.

  • White base swivels 360° to work with horizontal or vertical outlets
  • 6-1/2 inches high; Convenient On/Off Switch On Front
  • Full-size replaceable C7 Bulb; Plugs Into Standard 120V Outlet; UL® Listed
  • Glass tube / heat-resistant plastic / copper

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